Rothrock Farm Corgis



Announcing the closing of Rothrock Farm Corgis

January 30, 2019

All wonderful things of this earth must end--dramatic, but a true statement as we close our breeding kennels.

We are grateful beyond words for the corgis we have bred, whelped, and raised.  Just as meaningful has been raising litters and placing those cute little corgi puppies with great families.  We value the friendships made over the years--both two-legged regular and four-legged extra-short! There is no other dog like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! I'm sure we all agree!

To all our friends, thank you! We praise God for the gifts He has given us in knowing you, and we will miss you. We'll always be "corgi people", and love all of you who are OUR "corgi people!"

We are all very well, here at the Farm and in Lindale.  Charlie, Bob, Candy, and I look forward to a little down time and will experiment with that retirement thing.  Candy and I will quilt, bead, sculpt, read, and enjoy our inside corgis. Charlie and Bob will enjoy the downturn in WORK!

Our active breeding dogs have all be placed with excellent, reputable breeders, with whom we have associated for years. I'll have a list of referrals for you--just email me at

Our older dogs have retired and either been adopted by loving families or are staying with us--under our feet and running our households.  They are, after all, corgis!

May God bless you--each and every one.  It's been SO FUN!