Rothrock Farm Corgis

  Purchasing a Puppy

Rothrock Farm puppies are individually registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC limited registration) and are micro-chipped and enrolled in the AKC Reunite lost dog database with a lifetime membership. Included in puppy packet are health records (worming, 6wk vaccinations); one-year health guarantee (for genetic disease or defect), AKC Research Pedigree for both dam and sire; breeder puppy pedigree; helpful information about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, puppy health care and training tips, toys, collar and lead, and food sample.  Puppies are well socialized with other animals and humans, fully weaned and started on paper/crate training and basic obedience commands "sit" and "come" when delivered to their new owners.

Our top priority is attending to the health and well-being of dam and pups as they grow, and we are committed to matching puppies with just the right new owners. Please be willing to share your experiences with pets, your family structure, and what you're looking for in a puppy.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a special breed and deserve the very best in their owners.

Puppies are genetically tested for degenerative myelopathy (DM), are vWD free by parentage, and vet checked. (guaranteed for one year against genetic disease or defect).

Pricing Pet/Companion:

Effective January 1, 2017 for all puppies is $1,450.00-- limited AKC regisitration, spay/neuter agreement.

Pricing for breeders:

Puppies examined and found acceptable for breeding, AKC full registration are priced at $2000.00 effective January 1, 2017, are available to approved AKC breeders.  Puppies DM clear, vWD clear, coat lenth normal.

Pricing is reviewed periodically and amended as needed.  Changes are effective when posted on this website and effective for puppies offered after the effective date.

Additional charges:

  • 6.75% sales tax for Texas residents. 

  • Shipping/travel charges, when applicable, priced at actual cost. 

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required at the time of selection to hold a puppy until pickup/delivery at  eight (8) weeks of age.   Puppy is reserved at the time of selection for a period of four (4) days to allow time for your deposit to arrive. If  deposit is not received as required, the puppy will be removed from reserved status and offered to others waiting for a puppy.  We do not pre-sell puppies.

Please be prepared to wait the full eight weeks for delivery of your puppy.  The last two weeks with dam and littermates are extremely important for health and well-being. If your pickup date exceeds nine weeks of age, a nominal fee will be charged per week to offset expenses for second round of vaccinations and upkeep.

Balance of the purchase price is due at the time of pickup.  Air shipment of puppies is available most time of the year from Texas within the United States.  Cost for air shipment is in addition to the puppy prices noted above, and is payable, with the balance due for the purchase of the puppy prior to shipment.

Visits to our farm are welcome!  Please call or email to make arrangements to see the puppies or visit our kennel between litters; sires and dams are onsite at either our Winnsboro or Lindale location. If distance prohibits a pre-purchase visit, we will furnish pictures and development information to help you select the perfect puppy for you. 


From Cole in College Station.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the breeder’s was ask to see the parents...Cocoa was the first one to greet me. She wanted to jump up and get as close to me as possible, but the breeder politely asked her to sit and stop jumping. She immediately listened and sat patiently while I pet her...Next, I was able to meet Collin. He reminded me of a proud lion. He was bold and regal with an even temperament and great conformation...

...When I went to see the puppies, a pudgy little red puppy was the first to greet me. I was immediately drawn to it, and was hoping it was the male that was available. Sure enough, he was...The pudgy male did not leave me for my entire visit...He was perfectly content sitting in front of me and staring at me with his tiny pink tongue hanging out of his mouth. He loved getting scratched and rubbed all over... 

This puppy was exactly what I had been looking for for six years. He was affectionate, calm and completely adorable. I loved his parents, and the breeder was the sweetest lady [Candace] I have ever met...I had to turn down several breeders and litters of puppies because they did not have exactly what I was looking for. It was difficult at the time, but now...I have found my perfect puppy!

From Davina in Virginia

I purchased a wonderful male tri-colored puppy from Carolyn Rothrock.  He was just as she described in her emails and our phone conversations.  He had all his shots, given by a vet, and was very healthy and happy.  My puppy was flown to Richmond, VA from Dallas.  Carolyn made all the arrangements for his flight; she called me when he boarded the plane to let me know he was on his way.  He was happy as he could be when he got off the plane. 

My vet was very impressed with the quality of my puppy and how healthy he was when he arrived.  Carolyn sent all of Bandit’s paper work by mail, and I received it within a few days.   I have had my puppy for two years now and he is the picture of health.  He has never been sick or had any health issues. 

I cannot say enough good things about this breeder. Purchasing my puppy from Carolyn was a pleasure.  I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Carolyn Rothrock. 

 From Dawn in Crockett

As our puppies approach their 4th birthdays, (so hard to believe), I just wanted to let you [Carolyn] know how much we treasure these little fellows. I waited a long time to find my Corgis because I was so apprehensive of getting less than perfect puppies from just any breeder. No one can fault their looks, but more importantly they are hale, hardy, and healthy and have great personalities...As you know, I am not an expert on the bloodlines or the breed and I do not want to be, I’ve got you for that!  

With all the Corgis I see at the horse barns and horse shows I cannot help but compare my two from your kennel and they invariably outshine and outclass all others. I am objective about this and am not just speaking from the heart, it’s an obvious fact.  So from Brumby, Charley & Daisy (the bloodhound), and me, congratulations on your latest litter, I know all of them will go on to make their new owners wonderful companions in the years to come if they are just half as good as my guys.

From Gil and Shay in Houston

Shay and I bought our Corgi from Carolyn Rothrock a couple of years ago. We selected a red and white female corgi to replace our favorite pet Kelly; a lilac point Siamese cat that was part of our family for 18 years.

Thank our lucky stars that we found a wonderful, loving, and extremely funny Corgi (Zippy) to replace our much loved Kelly. But best of all we are very fortunate to have found an excellent breeder in Carolyn Rothrock. Carolyn has to have some of the finest breeding Corgis in the State of Texas and possibly in the United States.   We have a corgi that is very intelligent, loving, funny (personality wise), and PERFECT in health. Her coat is beautifully soft, and we have numerous people that compliment her coat for softness, shine, and texture. Shay and I have attended the Corgi festival in Buda, Texas for the past consecutive two years and our Zippy just stands out in appearance. She has the most beautiful coat and we quite frankly cannot find one thing to complain about.

Our expectations were far exceeded by the quality of animal that was provided to us by Carolyn Rothrock. She is an excellent person to deal with and again I emphasize that she has excellent breeding Corgis. You will not be disappointed if you have a chance to own one of these fine animals. We are so tempted to get another one!

Warning: Everywhere we take our Corgi…….Zippy, we are mobbed by every child around. Children literally run off the soccer field (during the game) to pet her! So if you are looking for a dog that does not attract attention, this is the wrong dog for you! She is beautiful, which goes to speak volumes of the quality of dog that she is. By the way, she is exactly like our past pets, she loves to be right next to us no matter what we are doing. She is the sweetest dog in the whole world!  Thank you so much Carolyn!

From Jerry and Lorraine in Corpus Christi

The red and white female corgi we purchased from Rothrock Farm arrived in our home about one year ago.  She is a delight - an alert - energetic, loving dog who bonded without difficulty with our other female corgi who is 1-1/2 yrs older than she.    

Our veterinarian commented at her first exam [and shot time] -- “you can always tell good breeding."   Our Corgi - Zoe - experienced her first airplane ride at 8 weeks of age to come to us.  The financial aspects and flight arrangements were handled professionally by Carolyn.  We had anticipated that our new puppy would be somewhat traumatized by the trip - not the case at all -- she started her new life with us with puppy kisses at the airport -- and has been a delight ever since.    

Without reservation -- we recommend purchase of a corgi from Rothrock Farm.  I am available to speak directly with any perspective purchaser - if provided their contact information.

From the Minami's in Los Angeles

To establish some history-- I have an extensive quality control background with a major automotive manufacturer in the Los Angeles area. Criteria for selecting a quality puppy was just as important as making the right quality related decisions at work. We purchased Rocky from Carolyn Rothrock almost
1-1/2 years ago.....but only after careful research and much investigative correspondence between us and Rothrock Farms. Rocky arrived in "A-1" condition after the trip from Texas to California- with much of the credit
due to Carolyn's experience and careful coordination. Our family could not have been happier upon his arrival.
Rocky is now a handsome (tricolor), happy and healthy rascal.....with a super personality. We have expressed plans to possibly purchase another puppy from Carolyn. There won't need to be any further research as to whom
we buy we are 100% satisfied with our business transaction with Rothrock Farms.

From Kristen in Delaware

We could not have asked for a better experience when we bought our first puppy from Rothrock Farms.  They are wonderful breeders and their puppies have great qualities.  Carolyn was amazing to deal with during every aspect of our search for a corgi puppy and we definitely got an extremely special dog.

She arrived with all of her shots and all the correct paperwork.  Even our vet was stunned about how great her demeanor and conformation was at her initial visit to the vet.  He was quick to point out the fact that he could tell she had gotten wonderful care from the breeder.

 It has been a great joy to raise our first corgi and we owe all of our thanks to the Rothrocks.

From Nanette in East Texas

I have known Carolyn for many years - but, for the last [13] I have known her a as a proud Corgi owner.   I know her to be an honest and conscientious dog owner and breeder.   As with many other aspects of her life, Carolyn's high standards are evident with her beloved Corgis.  I know she has taken much time to select high quality puppies to bring into her home/breeding program.   She has raised them with much love, care, and attention.  She has provided very well for her dogs - from personal attention to veterinary care.   

I am a fellow Corgi owner and have personally seen Carolyn's kennel program.   She has a responsible breeding program.   The puppy quarters were always clean and well-kept - and close to the family life.  The puppies were well cared for and socialized.  The dam was an attentive mother and in good health.   

Carolyn and I have spent many conversations discussing our dogs, vet care, training, etc.   I would not hesitate to purchase a puppy from her.